365 Days of Love Notes | Take 3 (catch up)

I know I have been so terrible at updating my love notes! So sorry! The busy days got the best of me. Here is just some updates for my readers on things I have been very thankful for and what I have been up to! I’ll narrow it down to 7 things…

1. I am so blessed and thankful to have gotten through summer school with a passing grade AND pass my PRAXIS II Test that continues my journey towards becoming a teacher! If you want to read up on why I want to become a teacher you can read it on my teacher blog here.

2. After the craziness of summer school and test taking I ventured off to southern Colorado with the Medearis Family to go to the Sand Dune National Park. This place literally looked like it was right out of Aladdin or something. It was a blast to be with my boyfriends family and go on an adventure.

3. After the Sand Dunes I got in the car with my family and headed to Joplin, Missouri to see my Dad’s family there. Joplin has always been a place that I love and I have had such fond memories there. Despite all the damage from the tornado that passed through there and unfortunately took many lives and homes, there’s still such a hopeful spirit in Joplin. Thankfully my Aunt and Uncle are quite settled into their new home (with a new tornado shelter) with my Grandma living close by in a nursing home. Please pray for those who work with the elderly! The work they do is so important and shouldn’t go unnoticed!

4. Almost immediately after my trip to Missouri the family all headed to El Paso, Texas to visit my Mom’s side of the family! Included on this trip; were both of my older and married sisters with their families, Jenna and her boyfriend, and my boyfriend. We had a couple of packed cars. We got to go to the Minor League Chihuahua baseball game, spend fourth of July in the Texas sun, and finish the trip off with a family reunion. Let me tell ya.. it was a lot to pack in just a few days. The best part was being able to do such fun things in a place where such immense tragedy had happened to my family…. it is as if we were making steps on moving forward in our lives but never forgetting the people that we are missing.

5. Finally getting to get back to my house and returning to my much needed reading is a highlight. My boyfriend and I are doing a mini book study and reading “On Being Human” by Fulton Sheen. He is by far one of my favorite writers and it’s been fun to read as a couple! If you’re looking for a fun and different thing to do with your significant other I would definitely recommend reading a book together!

6. A biggie that happened for me that I forgot to mention earlier was that I actually ran ALL of the Bolder Boulder this year! Yes a whole 6 miles! We finished with the time that we were expecting but just the fact that I had actually completed something I never thought possible was extremely exciting. My advice to you all? Don’t be afraid. Stop telling yourself you can’t. If I can adventure out? You sure can! Get out there and do it already!

7. The most exciting thing for me right now in the blogging world is I have created a 30 days modesty challenge. As women it’s a struggle to dress modestly in a world that explicitly advertises the immodest. Please consider joining the #30daysmodestychallenge ! Pray about it and take some selfie of the modest clothing in your closet! Let’s see what happens when we try to bring back a culture of modesty! If you want more information on how to join, click on this link. https://boldinloveblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/11/30-days-modesty-challenge/  Also follow me on instagram at kileenwillis  and Pinterest!