365 Days of Love Notes [Take 2]


Sincere apologies for missing last week! Finals, summer school, and work all got the best of me I’ll admit. But here we go! If want more stories of love notes go here.

My week of love notes from God [take 2]…

Monday May 19th

Sweet Little Bridget Rose always seems to make me laugh when I go over to my boyfriends house. For those of you that don’t know, my boyfriend is the oldest of 5… the younger four being all girls… His youngest sister, Bridget, is 3 (almost 4 at the end of this month) years old and will never cease to ask to play a game, read a book, or sing songs. She’s my little buddy and even though she’s so young, that doesn’t mean she’s not teaching me valuable life lessons. The love she gives is a real all or nothing, it’s pure and authentic. She doesn’t hold back. THIS is the kind of love that I need to learn from and apply to the love I have for Our Lord. A love that wants to hold nothing back.


Tuesday May 20th

Another sweet baby was my love note on this day. I got to watch Miles James, my nephew. He has such a sweet disposition to him and anyone who comes in contact with him just can’t help but love him! With his constant babbling, laughing, and hugging, I always feel loved when I’m around the kiddo.


Wednesday May 21st

Achy feet and tired eyes. On Wednesday I couldn’t have been more tired… I stayed up way too late reading an entire book that I was tested on the next day and then woke up early to help with my little nephew. Today I appreciated my sisters as Mom’s more than ever. They work happily and lovingly to give their babies the best life and they sacrifice literally everything in the process. Their needs go behind that of their children’s. I was totally in awe of their self sacrifice. I am so grateful that I have such amazing models of motherhood to show me the ways before I step into that place myself.


Thursday May 22nd

The theme of these love notes really should just be entitled “KIDS” or “BABIES” because my love note from Thursday was yet two other young ones in my life… my sweet niece and nephew, Addie Jo and Benny. While their parents were at bible study in Denver the kids got to come over to our house! Addie Jo was hilarious that night. She was just running around free of any worry or sadness and was full of PURE JOY. Guess what? Joy is contagious. Once Addie Jo was running around and laughing, I was also running around and laughing. I forgot about the long day of studying and relentless reading that would await me when the two babies left. All I had were those few hours of just an overwhelming sense of joy as I ran around playing with my niece. As for Benny although he can’t run around that kid just smiles and anyone will automatically feel more joyful.


Friday May 23rd

This day I got to meet up with a dear friend of mine who lives in Arkansas during the year. Sara and I met in High School and were immediately friends. In a sea of people trying to take hold of what the world was offering, Sara was there with me as we tried to make our way towards Christ. Although we don’t get together as often as we should. Any minute we get is always a good one. This is truly a relationship built upon a foundation of our love of Christ.


Saturday May 24th

My love notes on this day came in the form of my boyfriends entire family. Seriously. I felt so incredibly loved by each of them and I couldn’t help but count the blessings of what God has given me. Also, this day got even better when I received a handwritten letter from Timothy. It was one of those letters that made me tear up right away because of how beautiful it was.


Sunday May 25th

The love note that tops them all was actually getting to receive Christ Himself in the Holy Eucharist. Body, soul, and divinity. Man…. I can’t explain the joy that I feel when I receive the Holy of Holies but something inside me changes. It’s incredible.