365 Days of Love Notes | Take 4

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July 14th through July 19th


-On Monday my day began with watching my little nephew Miles. Because my grandma from Texas was in I was able to watch the little man! Playing hide and seek with him literally brings out the child in me. He shows me the love of a child so transparently and taught me the love that Our Lord must have for His children.


-On Tuesday I grabbed a cup of coffee with a friend of mine! Our Lord was showing me the fruits of continuing to work in His vineyard.


-On Wednesday I enjoyed a day with my baby niece and nephews!!


-On Thursday I had some much needed an exciting news for my new modesty project 30 days modesty challenge! Keep a lookout for the details 🙂 Check out my blog “30 Day Modesty Challenge” for more info and consider joining me in this challenge!


-On Friday I had a date night with my boy! It included a nice gluten free dinner (still getting used to him being gluten free), a walk, some live music, and an awesome fireside chat with my sister and her boyfriend.


– On Saturday it was eventful! I went on a beautiful (but tiring) hike with my boy! Which included an embarrassing bloody nose moment where I learned how modest TRULY is hottest. My bloody nose got my t-shirt all bloody and the only other shirt I had with me was a waterproof jacket. I had to wear that in 90 degree weather…. One word… HOT. But Gods beauty and the conversation I was able to have with my handsome guy made that day pretty awesome! Along with a pretty wonderful gender reveal party for my older sister! Guess what? I’m going to have another baby NEPHEW! Fun fun stuff!


– Sunday. Beautiful relaxing day where I got to worship The Lord I love and hang out with my family! Also, I watched the movie “Gimme Shelter”. If you haven’t seen it…. Do it. Seriously. I’ll be writing a blog review on it! Keep on the lookout!