30 Day Modesty Challenge | Week 1

I have been praying for all of you women who have joined me so far in the 30 day modesty challenge! It’s never to late for you to join and make sure that you document at least once so that the other ladies can get some more ideas of modest clothing!

Remember the most important thing you can do during these 30 days is to pray. Modesty reveals the dignity of the woman, which is a perfect reflection of Our Lord.

In need of suggestions for prayer? Are you struggling with this aspect of the challenge?

Here are a few of my favorite prayers or types of prayer:

-The Rosary- Ask for the intercession of Our Lady to help you become a woman of the Lord that she was!

-Sing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (Here’s a link to the song version on YouTube)

-Read a religious book. The book I’m reading is “On Being Human” by Fulton Sheen. A really great recommendation would be either “The World’s First Love” by Fulton Sheen or “I believe in Love” by Fr. Jean C. J. d’ Elbe.

-Read today’s readings and try to WRAP yourself in scripture. Write, Reflect, Apply, and Pray. You can do this is a prayer journal if you have one… If you don’t have a spiritual journal I highly recommend you get one!

– Pray the St. Bonaventure prayer everyday

There are many other ways to pray! What matters? That you’re diving into your relationship with Our Lord and communicating with Him… as you can see there are MANY ways to do that!


Here are the modest clothing that I wore for this first week! Remember if you need ideas go ahead and follow me on Instagram (kileenwillis) and Pinterest! Check out the woman who are posting their photos as well with the hashtag #30daysmodestychallenge !

Day 1

Day 1 Modesty Challenge

On day 1, I wore a plain black t shirt with some Bermuda shorts. I have found that Bermuda shorts are the perfect length for my legs. Don’t forget to accessorize! What can really style up an outfit is adding some pretty earrings or in this case a headband! Have fun with it and be creative! As G.K Chesterton said, “Modesty IS beautiful!”.

Day 2

Day 2 Modesty Challenge

 On day 2, I set out to go worship Our Lord at Mass. I LOVE maxi skirts. Seriously. They are the perfect length and you can mix and match them to make them fit for the Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring. Also, at Mass I have found a love for “veiling” to continue to be modest in front of Our Lord. If you are curious about what “veiling” is or you are interested in making this step check out my post about it here. Remember you were born to be REAL, not to be PERFECT!

Day 3
Day 3 Modesty Challenge

On Day 3, I mixed and match some bright colors while also adding some fun accessories. I have found a good rule with tank tops is that if you can see ‘under garments’ it’s probably not the most modest shirt, but don’t worry! You can easily make it modest by wearing a shirt underneath! Always remember Our Lady when thinking about beauty. You will become humbled and be able to perceive where true beauty lies…. when our identity is in Christ.

Day 4

Day 4 of Modesty Challenge

On day 4, I was matching with one of my favorite guys! My nephew/godson and I were matching in our light blue jean and yellow shirts. Simple is never a bad thing! I love just wear a comfortable V-neck shirt and adding some fun accessories.

Day 5

Day 5 Modesty Challenge

On a cool day the Bermuda shorts and comfortable quarter sleeve shirt was a win! I accessorized with a thin belt around my waist and some earrings to match. Sometimes dressing modestly or making that transition can be uncomfortable, but great things never came from comfort zones! Don’t be afraid! As Our Pope Emeritus (Pope Benedict XVI) would say; “We are not called for comfort, we are called for greatness”.

Day 6

Day 6 Modesty Challenge

Like any normal girl I don’t really feel like dressing up e v e r y d a y. I am a sweats and t shirt kind of girl too! For those active girls I know how tempting it can be to workout in only your sports bra. I understand the predicament. But our modesty challenge also includes gym and pool time! We want to respect ourselves and others when we are at the gym or out tanning by the pool!

Day 7

day 7

Date night!! Obviously it’s natural for a girl to want to dress up on the night of a date! My advice is to dress how you want other women dressing around your future spouse! Mix and match is always a good way to dress up or dress down depending on what you’re going to be doing that night… If you’re looking for nice and long skirts that fit more of that “pencil” look without it being super tight I would recommend going to Old Navy! They have really cute options that make mix and matching a bit easier!

I am praying for you all! Please pray for me as well!