Confession | Coming Home

The Sacrament of Confession, or reconciliation, has always scared me.

I have to mentally prepare to even wait in line before walking into the confessional. It fills me with anxiety, fear, and sorrow. I’ve always heard the stories of people loving confession, and I so desperately try to pretend like I am one of those people! True story is? I am nothing close. It terrifies me.

If you are like me and you get anxious, or if it’s been a while since you’ve received the sacrament, take it from me… the way you feel going in will not be the same way you feel coming out! When you leave the confessional you leave behind your mistakes, sins, imperfections, and impurities. You gain back a new soul that is driven and has been given grace by God Himself to turn from sinful ways and tell Satan he has NO power over you! Does this mean that confession is a one time fix?

Unfortunately…It’s not.

You come out of the confessional just as human as you were when you walked in, and being human means that you are going to make mistakes. It may even be the SAME mistakes that you did before. But that doesn’t mean that confession was a waste of time or energy because God works through the confessional in a beautiful way. God will give you the grace to gain the strength you need to say ‘goodbye’ to that sinful life. It won’t be instantaneous because we have to acceptthe grace that God is giving us. What does this mean? Basically, Our Lord is offering you forgiveness, love, and strength. Accept this. He wiped your sins away… no need to carry it with you anymore. When you practice this acceptance you will be on your way to recovery. You will be on your way home.