30 Day Modesty Challenge | Week 2

Hello wonderful ladies! Thank you for your dedication to this movement and I thank you for your prayers!

Lesson[s] learned this week:
– Our Lord is peeling away at my layers like a chef does to an onion. The irony of this is that my clothes seem to be adding layers, instead of removing them, but my heart is being peeled away as Our Lord is uncovering what is hidden beneath. Through my conversation with Him I am discovering that this challenge is not just about finding fashionable and appropriate clothes, but rather the real challenge begins in my heart. Modesty is more than the clothes I wear, no it cannot be summed in just that, modesty is a confidence and dignified walk we make towards Our Lord. This challenge has opened up conversation with Our Lord that was absolute necessary in order for our relationship to move forward! Do not be afraid… start talking to Him… He WILL be faithful to you!

– I have also learned the necessity of my own modesty while I am living out my promise to remain pure for my future husband. I have dreamt, like any 21 year old girl, about my wedding day. I dream of walking down the aisle towards the man that God created for me, the man that God was thinking of when he was creating me, the man that God had set apart specifically for me. The thing is… when I walk down the aisle I want to wear white… and mean it. Now you may be asking…. what does this have to do with modesty? Well what I have been piecing together is that both modesty and purity require one another. While praying about my modesty I have noticed how easy it has been to transition those prayers for my purity and the purity of my future spouse. The challenge for a pure life and one of modesty seemed to intermingle but had still distinguished themselves separately in my prayer life. Now I am seeing how you cannot have one without the other, and that the conversation of one will absolutely lead to conversation about the other. Pray about this and see what happens!


Day 8 day 8“God has assigned as the duty of every man, the dignity of every woman.” -Saint Pope John Paul II. I am blessed with the support I receive from my best friend (and boyfriend)! On day 8, I wore this bright coral dress that I bought at Old Navy. As a cover up I used my favorite jean shirt… It was not only light but made the dress a little more casual!

Day 9

photo 2

“Wearing the veil helps me grow in virtue, modesty, humility, and authentic femininity”. – Crystalina Evert. If you still want more information on the beauty of veiling, check out Crystalina Evert and her beautiful reflection on the forgotten tradition here.

Day 10


On Day 10, I spent some much needed time in a beautiful adoration chapel praying for all you ladies joining me in the 30 day modesty challenge! Keep it up beautiful ladies!

Day 11


On Day 11, I relaxed in a mint green t-shirt with jeans and some accessories! Life with Christ truly is a wonderful adventure. Boy oh boy. On this day I was informed my blog would be featured on Chastity Project! It was exciting, humbling, and a bit intimidating.

Day 12


Do you have a strapless maxi that lacks some comfort? Do you find yourself constantly pulling it up? I have definitely had this! My solution was to put a loose shirt over the dress and add some jewelry! And guess what?? I was comfortable all day long! No yanking or pulling at this dress anymore!

Day 13


Comfortable tee. Bermuda cotton shorts. Vest. A lazy and rainy day left me at home with a cup of coffee and a good time to read. Although I wasn’t dressing up, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t still look comfy AND cute! I pieced together some of my most comfortable clothes and made it work!

Day 14


I have had my eye on this short and light summer dress. All summer. I keep looking at it and hoping that the length will magically grow so that I can wear it. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened. So my solution to being able to wear this dress in a modest way was to add some army green jeans underneath! Let me tell ya… I was a lot more comfortable in that shirt [dress] than I had ever been before! No constant pulling down, worry, or embarrassment from showing too much skin. Win/win!

Day 15


I spent day 15 and 16 in the beautiful Colorado Mountains camping with some wonderful Catholic families! “Do not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Remember the most important piece to the modesty challenge is prayer! If you felt called to do the challenge Our Lord has a reason for that! Make sure to check out my Pinterest and Instagram for some ideas on outfits and inspiration to not give up! When you Instagram your modest clothing don’t forget the hashtag #30daymodestychallenge !

Praying for you all! Please pray for me!