365 Days of Love Notes [First]

If you haven’t ever read Story of a Rose please do! It’s an amazing blog that was one of the inspirations I had to enter into the scary (but wonderful) world of blogging! I am linking up with her , and another awesome blogger in my Father’s vineyard …who I just happened to be related to… every Sunday to write about the love notes God has given us! Accepting the beautiful challenge to do this for a whole whopping year!

I am SUPER pumped about this! Our Lord is going to challenge me to recall more of the blessings in my life, rather than the trials… Because to be honest? I have been a pretty cup half empty kinda gal lately.

Like my sister I want to display my love notes through pictures….


1. Monday May 5th

Celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends!


2. Tuesday May 6th

I had my last day with the 6th grade class I have been teaching at Preston Middle School and although I was sad to say goodbye to them, I was also very grateful for all that I had learned through the semester. I can honestly say I am pretty dang excited to be a teacher.


3. Wednesday May 7th

Turned in a big paper that I had been working on about World War II all about my Grandpa, Warren Willis. I had a pretty amazing man as my Grandpa, and he raised literally the best Dad a girl could ask for.

photo 4

4. Thursday May 8th

My weekly coffee dates with my friend Jordan is God truly writing on my heart. Seriously. This girl has shown me how important fellowship and community is. This is the feminine heart in all its glory.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

5. Friday May 9th

I ran 2.95 miles! Getting ready for the Bolder Boulder and although it’s pretty outside of my element I can say I am really enjoying seeing God’s beauty all alongside working on a pretty outrageous goal! [Again… for my out of shape self]


6. Saturday May 10th

I found this picture of the guy that I love. Seriously… How can you not smile at this? I am blessed far beyond words with him.


7. Sunday May 11th

Got to celebrate my amazing Mama and my two rock star sisters who are Mommy’s as well! Praise God for all the Mom’s out there!




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